A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

I profusely apologize for a lack of cover image, in advance. >.<

A sort of "bonus story" set within my main project, YouTube Fates. It is set in Episode 1, between SMii7Y's departure from the party and when the party reaches the Precarious Fort. But, I'll get that main game sorted out in due time.

Feedback is appreciated to help me give you all the best experience possible!

Made using RPG Maker MV.

Custom Arnice (Nights of Azure) sprite by TyrantRose.

Main YouTube Fates game here: https://zergvsgenin.itch.io/youtube-fates

Install instructions

Being made in MV, no run time package (RTP) is required. May experience some music lag, so be warned.

Version 2 is really just a minor update to the script.

Now comes in Linux flavor!  A friend of mine brought attention to this.


Windows Version 1 72 MB
Windows Version 2 72 MB
Linux Version 77 MB

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