Development Changelog

+ Positive changes, fixed bugs, and additions to the game
= Stuff that I dunno if it'll be universally liked for whatever reason, usually nerfs and the like
- Things nerfed or outright removed from the game
[Version History]
1) Alpha v1
2) Alpha v2
3) Alpha v3
4) Kohinata Miku
5) Ooi
6) Ooichi
7) Anastasia
8) Arnice
9) Severa
10) Tharja
11) Rhajat
Alpha v1
Initial release, semi-private distribution
Alpha v2 (09/10/2016)
+ Added some items
+ Adjusted some stats and skill damage calculation
+ Added new Exploration Mastery and accompanying area, changed Medic's hint to match
+ Expanded upon the Broken City
+ Syndicate Test Town removed, replaced with zrpg_city (nod to Garry's Mod, a frequent game of the Vanoss crew)
= Nerfed various enemies at various points
= Alpha now goes as far as post miniboss battle
= Broken City boss not implemented
= Rebalanced armor to not be so broken
Alpha v3 (09/14/2016)
+ Ended Episode 0 (temporarily)
+ Added Gaiden Episode, heavy W.I.P.
+ Added hint book for top weapons (investigate the skeleton in the Ruined Tower after getting the Rusted Sword)
+ Added hint for "first" Exploration Mastery to Hot Springs in Achievement Ville
+ Slight buff to Matilda weapon (Gun)
+ Added Stone Pickaxe to Achievement Ville smithy, in the event that you somehow lose the one auto-obtained in Ruined Tower
+ Scout Bow and Elgyan Bow now increase Lucius' S. Attack, much like Selesca and her Canes
+ Typo fixing
+ Reduced volume of music when exploring Moyunis and Loseotas
+ Added a feature that shows the episode name in the save file name (courtesy of Himeworks plugin)
= Minor change in layout to Moyunis, setup for future chapters
= Nerfed prices for unlocking top weapons
= Added data for Jamis' top weapon, but regeant has not been implemented yet
= Achievement Hunter T-Shirt price reduced to reflect stat changes
= Injected currently unused data
= Soft drinks altered
= Debuffed Gem Cane (S. Attack +10 -> +5)
= Adjusted Combat Gloves and Iron Bracers
ver. Kohinata Miku (Beta; 9/26/2016)
+ Began Episode 1
+ Started implementing more Small Shields to the game
+ Fixed issue where Magic Flintlock was not appearing in zrpg_city
+ Fixed issue of music remaining as Moon Knights post-Gaiden Episode
+ Focus Status now improves magic evasion
+ Extended Astra's duration by 1 turn
+ Reduced Energy Stone's price to 300 Quid per
+ Buffed T.M.P. attack
+ Added B-Hops skill
+ Fixed pre-Lucius Heavy Weapons Guy roadblock
+ Buffed the effects of the Vanguard state
+ Gaiden Episode 1 character can now regenerate EP at rate of 1% per turn
+ Added rudimentary "language filter".  Has a hotfix meant for people who have reached the end of the previous versions
+ Fixed issue with Leg Shot being usable outside of battle
+ Greatly expanded Moyunis and Loseotas
+ Added hint for next Exploration Mastery (the mastery itself has not been implemented)
= Nerfed Mithril Pipe (Selesca)
= Fixed bug where Flare Gun did not seal skills
= Save game bug reported, investigating
= Slightly nerfed all characters' natural EP regen (5% per turn -> 3% per turn)
= Changed game name to YouTube Fates proper
= Altered dialouge around meteor by zrpg_city
= Nerfed poison damage, but made it far more long-term
ver. Ooi (a.k.a. the release version; 11/2/2016)
+ Completed more of Episode 1
+ Completed more of Achievement Oasis, yet to implement properly
+ Added Gavin/Mini Ladd events
+ Added more skills
+ All character skills up to level 13
+ Slightly buffed all characters' natural EP regen to figure out why the hell Jamis can't regen EP.
= Debuffed a number of enemies
- Removed the "Language Toggle" hotfix in-between episodes 0 and 1.  If you need to adjust the language filter in-game, visit any Item/Anna Shop and obtain a Filter for free.
ver. Ooichi (a.k.a. Ooi with 50% fewer technical boo-boos; 11/3/2016)
+ Fixed some audio errors at the current leg of Episode 1.
+ Fixed a redirection event on the Mini Ladd path of the Precarious Fort.
+ Added Mastery hint.
+ Added enemy encounters to one section of the Mini Ladd path of the Precarious Fort.
ver. Anastasia (11/30/2016)
+ Completed more of Episode 1.
+ Introduced placeholder sprite for "Lilysse" (guest character from Nights of Azure)
-> Spriter needed to finalize Lilysse's sprite to make her look like the actual thing!
+ Added Anna shop to Precarious Fort.
+ Language Filters actually are free now, instead of for 10 Quid a pop.
+ Fixed some typographical errors.
+ Fixed a rather severe oversight regarding the "Blindfire" skill.
= Edited a displayed portrait for Jamis during the opening cutscene.
= Minor script and timing edits during "The 4th Survivor".
= Removed minor blurbs of unused code, added a bit more in.
ver. Arnice (a.k.a. the pseudo-SUPER update; 10/30/2017)
[Dev's note: I am so sorry about this taking a while... a lot happened between now and then.]
NOTICE: Due to additions made to early sections of the game, it's effectively compulsory (required) to start a new game!  Starting from any old files you may have (unlikely as that may be) has a high probability of causing problems!
+ Completed both sides of Precarious Fort.
+ Added a mini-tutorial option when starting a new game, as well as vastly expanding the pre-game configuration.
+ Fixed some scripting, added some information to the prologue.
+ Various scripting fixes, text corrections.
+ Improved(?) the cosmetics of the game.
+ At the path junction in the Precarious Fort, you are no longer stuck there, as there is now a transfer back to the outside in case you want to go back.
+ Slightly extended the first dungeon of the game to extend play time slightly.
+ Added in AceOfAces' HP Color Controller plugin.  Now each character's HP bar and name in the UI will change color according to how much HP they have left.
+ Added in Brian Howard's Exit Game plugin, so you can quit to desktop easily.
+ Created a proper animation for the Grenade skill (Special).  It's rough, but it works for now.  Also, Grenade has been renamed to Frag Grenade.
+ Added an original title screen!  Not the best by any means, but it should be far better than the sad excuse of the previous versions.
+ Crossover characters now have their own weapon types.  Arnice and the newcomer have weapons that, if working correctly, cannot be unequipped.
+ Introduced placeholder sprite for new crossover character.
= Added a Speed penalty whenever Arnice uses Hammer Smash, to make the attack truer to form
= Adjusted Mr. Monogon's stats on Gavin's path
= Micro-adjustment to the animation for Power Shot skill, but it still needs some work.
= Imposed an actual level cap for the game.  It will raise as more of the game is completed, but just be warned in case you try to grind too much.  Still need to figure out how to make the level cap dynamic.
= Changed the first battle theme of the Broken City.  The dungeon now features a script that changes the battle music after Episode 1 begins (a.k.a. when Arnice joins the group), if it works properly
= And then some.
ver. Severa (12/21/2017)
+ Began Episode 2: Band of Unusuals, and added various related areas, including a new sector of world map
+ Added the Call Stone (increases AP, much like KH2's Drive Boosts or whatever they were)
+ Added the Mist Potion (restores HP to all active party members)
+ Added various stat booster items into the code, but most are likely unused at the moment
+ Added more crossover character sprites generated by MV's native character generator.  May need to ask people to help respec them soon!
+ Added new techniques
+ Level cap increased to 15
+ Brand-new animation for Jamis' level 15 skill (not that you should reach that, but I added it in 'cause it's entirely possible)
+ Added in some resources by someone going by the tag of "Avery".  Most evident are a set of brand-new portraits for Lucius
+ Added another item that can be gypped for free from most item shops: The Progress Tracker.  You certain statistics with it.  New games will have this in the inventory by default.
+ Crossover characers are no longer bound to their equipped weapons, for variety's sake.  However, they still have their unique weapons, which upgrade via a certain substory.
+ Buffed the Mend line of spells
+ Updated the Loseotas map
+ Fixed the Exploration Mastery in Achievement Oasis not appearing.  New NPC has been added to rectify the problem if you investiated the spot and didn't get the Mastery.
+ Marginally expanded the item store in zrpg_city
= Adjusted the writing in a few areas throughout the game
= Evasion rates will now protect you from most magical spells
= Adjusted the damage dealt by a number of spells and skills
= Nerfed the AP cost of some Assist character abilities
= New little surprises for dataminers
- Nerfed the Ribbon accessory
ver. Tharja (June 2018)
+ Started work on Episode 3: The Online Warriors.  In-game, not much is accessible of the story itself, but there's enough to get you barely introduced to the dungeon itself and the main setup of the overall plot for that particular episode.
+ Buffed Heavy Armors (Harold's armor type) so that they give extra S.Attack, starting with Steel tier.
+ Changed up the Game Over screen in the event you get killed by Guardians--I mean, get your party wiped out or other Game Over conditions
+ Fixed a glitch where Lilysse would appear earlier than intended in certain areas.  More may show up, so let me know.
+ Created a new sprite for a certain character!  She appears at the end of Episode 2, and is the final boss of the current two Gaiden Episodes implemented into the game.  This should fix some continuity errors.
= When going in to recruit the third playable crossover character, I noticed that I accidentally left a certain node in there.  For now, feel free to use it if you happen to find it, but in future versions of the game, you might screw yourself out of the desired path, so be sure to make a save before fiddling around with it if you happen to find it.
= Adjusted the damage calculation regarding Joule's assist skill, Pain from the Past.
ver. Rhajat
+ Completed some work on Episode 3's dungeon, Strange Tower.  Most notably, the Topaz Maze section has been satisfactorily finished, though some work to do still remains.  A room or two might be missing.  I'd save before the game locks you in there, in case I decide to either ramp up the area's difficulty or tone it down.
+ Beautified a few areas, namely where waterfalls are.  I'm finally learning how to make things slightly prettier!  HOWEVER, this does cause a small technical problem regarding one particular Exploration Mastery, the one in Achievement Oasis.  If you've yet to find that one, this shouldn't be a problem.  But if you have, I've altered a particular glitch fix to accommodate.
+ Added a few new maps to the Fairy Glade, including an area where its Exploration Mastery can be finally found.
+ Added the Yanfly Event Chase Player plugin, to facilitate pseudo-stealth mechanics.
+ Character level cap raised from 15 to 17
+ Filled out a couple more substories to complete, with one having a unique item reward and another possessing a load of EXP.
+ Added the Yanfly Repel/Lure Encounters plugin
+ Added the item "Warding Talisman" to all in-game shops for 400 Quid, barring Gaiden Episodes
= Rebalanced various skills, I don't remember which ones
= Rebalanced/Nerfed Gunvolt's Attack stat
- Replaced a few music tracks in the game, so I can delete some tracks and not take up so much damn room.  Seriously, when unpacked from the .zip file, the game is already close to a gig in size, what the actual hell.

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