Development Changelog


+ Positive changes, fixed bugs, and additions to the game
= Stuff that I dunno if it'll be universally liked for whatever reason, usually nerfs and the like
- Things nerfed or outright removed from the game
Alpha v1
Initial release, semi-private distribution
Alpha v2 (09/10/2016)
+ Added some items
+ Adjusted some stats and skill damage calculation
+ Added new Exploration Mastery and accompanying area, changed Medic's hint to match
+ Expanded upon the Broken City
+ Syndicate Test Town removed, replaced with zrpg_city (nod to Garry's Mod, a frequent game of the Vanoss crew)
= Nerfed various enemies at various points
= Alpha now goes as far as post miniboss battle
= Broken City boss not implemented
= Rebalanced armor to not be so broken
Alpha v3 (09/14/2016)
+ Ended Episode 0 (temporarily)
+ Added Gaiden Episode, heavy W.I.P.
+ Added hint book for top weapons (investigate the skeleton in the Ruined Tower after getting the Rusted Sword)
+ Added hint for "first" Exploration Mastery to Hot Springs in Achievement Ville
+ Slight buff to Matilda weapon (Gun)
+ Added Stone Pickaxe to Achievement Ville smithy, in the event that you somehow lose the one auto-obtained in Ruined Tower
+ Scout Bow and Elgyan Bow now increase Lucius' S. Attack, much like Selesca and her Canes
+ Typo fixing
+ Reduced volume of music when exploring Moyunis and Loseotas
+ Added a feature that shows the episode name in the save file name (courtesy of Himeworks plugin)
= Minor change in layout to Moyunis, setup for future chapters
= Nerfed prices for unlocking top weapons
= Added data for Jamis' top weapon, but regeant has not been implemented yet
= Achievement Hunter T-Shirt price reduced to reflect stat changes
= Injected currently unused data
= Soft drinks altered
= Debuffed Gem Cane (S. Attack +10 -> +5)
= Adjusted Combat Gloves and Iron Bracers
ver. Kohinata Miku (Beta; 9/26/2016)
+ Began Episode 1
+ Started implementing more Small Shields to the game
+ Fixed issue where Magic Flintlock was not appearing in zrpg_city
+ Fixed issue of music remaining as Moon Knights post-Gaiden Episode
+ Focus Status now improves magic evasion
+ Extended Astra's duration by 1 turn
+ Reduced Energy Stone's price to 300 Quid per
+ Buffed T.M.P. attack
+ Added B-Hops skill
+ Fixed pre-Lucius Heavy Weapons Guy roadblock
+ Buffed the effects of the Vanguard state
+ Gaiden Episode 1 character can now regenerate EP at rate of 1% per turn
+ Added rudimentary "language filter".  Has a hotfix meant for people who have reached the end of the previous versions
+ Fixed issue with Leg Shot being usable outside of battle
+ Greatly expanded Moyunis and Loseotas
+ Added hint for next Exploration Mastery (the mastery itself has not been implemented)
= Nerfed Mithril Pipe (Selesca)
= Fixed bug where Flare Gun did not seal skills
= Save game bug reported, investigating
= Slightly nerfed all characters' natural EP regen (5% per turn -> 3% per turn)
= Changed game name to YouTube Fates proper
= Altered dialouge around meteor by zrpg_city
= Nerfed poison damage, but made it far more long-term
ver. Ooi (a.k.a. the release version; 11/2/2016)
+ Completed more of Episode 1
+ Completed more of Achievement Oasis, yet to implement properly
+ Added Gavin/Mini Ladd events
+ Added more skills
+ All character skills up to level 13
+ Slightly buffed all characters' natural EP regen to figure out why the hell Jamis can't regen EP.
= Debuffed a number of enemies
- Removed the "Language Toggle" hotfix in-between episodes 0 and 1.  If you need to adjust the language filter in-game, visit any Item/Anna Shop and obtain a Filter for free.
ver. Ooichi (a.k.a. Ooi with 50% fewer technical boo-boos; 11/3/2016)
+ Fixed some audio errors at the current leg of Episode 1.
+ Fixed a redirection event on the Mini Ladd path of the Precarious Fort.
+ Added Mastery hint.
+ Added enemy encounters to one section of the Mini Ladd path of the Precarious Fort.
ver. Anastasia (11/30/2016)
+ Completed more of Episode 1.
+ Introduced placeholder sprite for "Lilysse" (guest character from Nights of Azure)
                       -> Spriter needed to finalize Lilysse's sprite to make her look like the actual thing!
+ Added Anna shop to Precarious Fort.
+ Language Filters actually are free now, instead of for 10 Quid a pop.
+ Fixed some typographical errors.
+ Fixed a rather severe oversight regarding the "Blindfire" skill.
= Edited a displayed portrait for Jamis during the opening cutscene.
= Minor script and timing edits during "The 4th Survivor".
= Removed minor blurbs of unused code, added a bit more in.

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